Denis Muravyov & Katya Vlasova

A brief Synopsis of the events :

Denis Muravyov and Katya Vlasova were a teenage Russian couple who on November 14th 2016 began a siege with police which they live-streamed over Periscope, that ultimately ended in their suicides.

A more in depth explanation of events:

Denis Muravyov (14.8.01 - 14.11.16) And Katerina Vlasova (10.9.01 - 14.11.16) were a teenage Russian couple who had gotten together 7 months prior to their runaway and standoff. They had met at their High School and started dating sometime in April of that year (2016), even though both sets of their parents were against their relationship.

Some time in early November Katya called off their relationship, but on November 9th Denis, not giving up, posted to his VK : "Forever in my heart. Despite everything I loved you, Love now and will love."

Katya was moved by his words, and they got back together.

On November 10th Katya snuck out to a friends sleepover even though her curfew was 21:00. Her mother found her that night and a heated argument broke out between them, which supposedly ended with Katya sustaining bruises to her neck.

The next day Denis and Katya stole their parent's credit cards, withdrew money and took a bus to the Town of Strugi Krasnye a moderate distance away (80km). When they arrived in Strugi Krasnye they headed to Katya's Stepfather's Summer Home nearby.

There, they opened a window using a knife and gained entry. During their 3 Days they spent together alone in the heatless house: Katya cut her hair and Dyed it from Blonde to Brown, they recklessly spent their money in shops nearby on things like Candy, Soda, and Kvass; and at some point opened a Gun Safe within the house which held two Baikal MP-27 O/U Double Barrel Shotguns, A "pnuematic" TT-33 Tokarev Pistol converted to fire rubber bullets, and a considerable amount of Ammunition for both firearms.

On their third day at the house, (November 14th) Katya's Mother and Grandmother began knocking on the door early in the morning. Denis & Katya answered the door, and Denis asked them to go away.

Katya was standing behind him with a Knife in her hand, which wasn't intended to be threatening according to her recounting of the event in one of their livestreams; but when her Grandmother noticed it she lunged at Katya trying to take it from her, in the process cutting Katya's Hands.

Denis then Drew the TT-33 Pistol, shot Katya's mother in the right hip, and they Barricaded themselves inside while Katya's relatives retreated to seek help and call the police.

Shortly afterwards the Police arrived outside of the house, and were going to try and negotiate with them; but as they began to, Denis appeared in an upstairs window and opened fire on their van with one of the shotguns.

One officer was injured although not severely and the Police fled to the cover of Bushes further down the road.

Things from then on became silent for a short while, while the officers called for backup

An unknown but short time later, Denis & Kaya began live-streaming to Periscope.

During the Livestreams which altogether spanned almost 2 hours; they answered classmates questions in shock at their school, Fired at the empty van, a TV inside before throwing it outside as it began to smoke, Prepared and ate Noodles, and towards the end began Drinking Alcohol, and Chainsmoking as reality began to set in.

In the time between their 4th and final livestream, SOBR (SWAT) was already on scene and looking on as Denis's Mother called him begging to surrender, and eventually convinced them to throw their weapons out of the upstairs window.

They threw out one of the Shotguns, and the Pistol.
But kept one Shotgun, unbeknown to the Police outside.

After this they were given 40 minutes to "Think things over." as an attempt to be sympathetic to them, and to surrender peacefully, or else the SOBR would rush the house and apprehend them.

Their final livestream began briefly showing the shotgun lying infront of them, and all throughout they were sullen and quiet. Between their answers to questions, only Katya sniffling was audible. As the stream closed to an end, Katya avoided eye contact with the camera, tearing up while she said their last words. "Thanks everyone for your support. For the time we spent together. This was really awesome. We will miss you. Love you. Goodbye."

After their stream ended they posted Goodbye messages to their VK accounts, and commit Suicide shortly afterwards.

Katya was too afraid to kill herself, as she made clear towards the end of their streams, so she asked Denis to do it for her. She sat on the couch in the upstairs room where they recorded almost all of their livestreams, and Denis shot her in the face; before getting down on his knees in front of her and shooting himself in the face.

When the 40 minutes were up and they hadn't surrendered or answered negotiations SOBR rushed the house.

They broke through a downstairs window and made their way upstairs. They then threw a stun grenade into the upstairs hallway shattering the window in the door to the room Denis and Katya lay dead in. They rushed up the stairs and were greeted with the sight of the Teens gored bodies when they entered the Room.

Early on November 15th Denis and Katya's bodies were taken by Ambulance to the Morgue. Later that afternoon the "Investigative Committee" issued a video to the public, shot inside the House. The video shows the room that they died in and pools of blood from their suicide, their jackets on the couch and floor along with the Shotgun they used to commit suicide.

On November 18th they were laid to rest with Denis being buried first, and Katya being buried second. Shortly after, and a slight distance away.